Self Hosted Human Resource Management Solution

LiteHRM is a Self Hosted HR Solution designed for Small & Medium size companies to efficiently manage employee's information. LiteHRM takes care of your company's most important asset employees.

5 Star Rating

Powerful yet Simple

A better way to manage your Employee Resource

LiteHRM has a curated list of modules, easy to understand & operate, scalable, and well-planned future development roadmap.

Everything You Need

LiteHRM covers every aspect of managing employee resources. You can manage employee information, mark attendances, approve or reject leave and generate payrolls.

Accessible to Every Role

LiteHRM supports multiple roles whether an admin or manager or staff or anything you want. Each role has different permissions that can be assigned to various employees.

Easy to Use

LiteHRM can be set up in a few minutes. The super-simple & easy interface helps users to understand & used-to the application quickly.

Reliable & Secure

Companies are using LiteHRM in real-time to manage their employee resource. It is built with Latest Technology, always up-to-date which makes it super secure.

100% White-label & Managed

LiteHRM is a complete white-label HR Solution. Get your own Branding, Assets Everywhere. While we are working on feature update, you focus on your company operation.


LiteHRM offers tons of functionality at a very affordable cost. You get a Lifetime License with a one-time purchase. Request for custom features as low as $30/hour.

Powerful Config & Permission

LiteHRM offers a variety of Configurations. You can configure the application to make it the best fit for your need. Employees working at different offices can set their preferences like timezone, and locale.

LiteHRM also supports Multiple Roles. Other than pre-defined roles, You can create custom roles. Each role can be assigned with a different set of permissions.

Users assigned with any role can perform actions as per the permission given to the role. Moreover, assigning permission directly to the individual user makes it more powerful for your company.

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Complete Employee Records & Insights

LiteHRM offers your company to store detailed information of your Employees. You can store the basic information including Name, Date of Birth, Unique IDs as well as the contact information.

You can also manage your employee's department, designation, branch & employment status. Any change in these informations are recorded date wise so that you can always get history of employee records.

Other than these information, you can also store employee's documents, qualification records, experience records & work experience record.

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Hierarchy based Access Control

Hierarchy based Access Control is one of the most important aspect of any Human Resource System. You can easiy achieve this functionality in LiteHRM with Designation & Branch module.

Both these module support Multi-Level Hierarchical Structure. Any employee with higher designation having valid permission can access records of low designation employee. While low designation employee won't be able to access records of their top designation employees. Similarly, same designation employee cannot access records of other employee with the same designation.

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Flexible Attendance Management

LiteHRM allows you to define multiple Attendance Types. It makes the system flexible enough to handle most of the use case for any company.

Employees can use Self Clock In/Out feature to mark their attendance. Biometric Attendance API is also available which can be used to integrate with any biometric device.

Attenances are synced with the employee's Payroll and with the Leave Request to make the operation simple for your company. You can also mark Production based Attendance like Overtime, Early Leaving for employees.

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One Click Payroll Generation

Generating Payrolls is a tedious but time taking job. There are always a chance of error in calculation. LiteHRM does it for you in an efficient manner.

LiteHRM support multiple Pay Heads. You can create different Salary Templates consistings of these Pay Heads. Pay Head calculations can be different like Flat Rate, Computed or on Production Basis.

These Salary Templates are used to define Salary Structure of your employee. LiteHRM uses Attendance & Leave data to generate Payroll for the employees with one click.

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Robust Leave Management

Leave Requests are another major important feature of Human Resource System. LiteHRM offers simple & easy way to manage Leave records.

LiteHRM supports multiple Leave Types. These Leave Types can be assigned to the employees a particular durations. Employees can check the available balance of different Leave Types & also request for a Leave. These Leave Requests can be approved or rejected by the Authorized Employee.

Leaves approved are calculated as a Paid Leave while Leaves rejected will be treated as Leave without Pay. Leave records are synced with Attendance records that helps to quickly generate Payrolls.

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“Purchasing LiteHRM is one of the best decision for our team. Earlier we use to spent lots of time managing employee records & generating payroll. With LiteHRM, everything looks super simple.”

Vineet Jain
Chartered Accountant

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